OmniCoin is airdropping 5,000 XOM coins (~$ 15) to the first 10,000 participants and 2,500 XOM coins (~$ 7.5) for every referral. Also, there is a Bonus Listing Bounty. XOM value: 1 XOM = 0.003 USD


OmniCoin AirDrop is presented by OmniBazaar, Inc. which has a United States patent for “Decentralized Internet Shopping Marketplaces” (US9519925). It decribes a community-owned, peer-to-peer, e-commerce marketplace. The OmniBazaar ecosystem includes its own built-in cryptocurrency “OmniCoin” which will emerge as a powerful agent for change in the P2P arena by introducing a compelling solution to a world comprised of billions of online buyers and sellers.

Value per user

~$ 15 + referral

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