2 Year Anniversary


2 Year Anniversary Airdrop is worth 1 million Cultural Places (CC) tokens in total. Every airdrop participant will receive up to 75 CC tokens. Earn more CC tokens by referring your friends!


As you might have noticed before, at Airdrop Alert we like to give back to our community. We have regular giveaways and distribution of the free tokens is often a few weeks after we finish the campaign. You can see the distribution of previous giveaways of March, our 5 year celebrations Airdrop and May, which were successfully completed. For this 2 Year Anniversary GiveAway we will keep it simple. Create a dashboard account and join us on Telegram, Facebook & Instagram.


About Cultural Places (CC)

Cultural Places is the first holistic platform in the cultural sector that connects visitors, institutions, artists, content creators and donors. Cultural Places will disrupt the cultural sector as it redefines the relations between all stakeholders and creates new business opportunities. The core is its own crypto currency – the Cultural Coin – based on blockchain technology, that reinvents and simplifies cultural financing, sponsoring and ticketing.

New referral system (BETA)

In addition, we're testing a new referral system with this airdrop. If you run into any issue, please create a ticket and let us know what the problem is. 

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