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Add Gambling

Stand out from other gambling sites by securing a Top Spot listing.
Top gambling sites are listed first and are also displayed prominently on the front page.

The price for a Top Spot is $499.

The price for a regular listing is $49.

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Get your gambling sitelisted on CryptoCoin.News

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Listing Type

Which listing would you like to have?


$49 per year
  • Your gambling site will be listed in the gambling sites page below the gambling sites.


$499 per year
  • Your gambling site will be listed at the top of the gambling site page, highlighted and above the fold.
  • It will be also featured on the front page of the site.
  • Includes a free mention in the newsletter ($950 value)
    Submit the payment to one of the following wallets in order to activate the listing:
    BTC: 3A3REKgRcG9awZzANQfpa78gHicFx48bZn
    USDT (ERC-20): 0xcf808caf404e143b7bb9f1832ce0fa693f00dcbd
    USDT (OMNI): 35KgpZ1ZFth6qW2ZCZvwafbubYXUXrVFzo
ETH: 0xcf808caf404e143b7bb9f1832ce0fa693f00dcbd
    PAYPAL: [email protected]

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