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What To Expect After Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halving is set to happen in just a few hours. With this event, Bitcoin miners will see their rewards per block cut in...

$80k Bitcoin? Billionaire Fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones Buys Bitcoin: “Reminds Me Of Gold”

  What will be the best profit-maximizing strategy in the age of Corona? Paul Tudor Jones: "my bet is it will be Bitcoin." Billionaire...

Malaysia Arrests Bitcoin Scammers After Two Months Of Investigations

The police in Malaysia is targeting scammers using Bitcoin in their scam. According to a local news outlet, 14 Chinese men were arrested in...
Market crash

Bitcoin Craters 30% As Global Markets Continue To See Red

Bitcoin fell through the floor on Thursday as sellers pushed the price of the flagship cryptocurrency to a new year low of $5,720...
Oil Bitcoin

Bitcoin Safe-Haven Narrative Under Threat After Weekend Oil Shock

A break-down in oil supply negotiations over the weekend has resulted in market turmoil on Monday morning. Bitcoin, too, has fallen to a...

A First Look At The Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin Aiming To Transform DeFi

The advantages of cryptocurrencies combined with the stability of traditional finance. Can stablecoins become the catalyst to mass adoption in decentralized finance? The Rise of...
Tim Draper

Tim Draper Reaffirms His $250,000 Bitcoin Prediction

Prominent bitcoin advocate Tim Draper sold stocks 6 months ago and has been accumulating crypto ever since. The venture capitalist reaffirmed his price...
Bitcoin mining centralization

Mining Centralization Won’t Break Bitcoin – Independent Crypto Research

Independent crypto researcher Hasu argues that mining centralization is not really an issue for bitcoin. According to him, miners are so invested in...
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