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LG UPlus To Test Blockchain Payment Solution For Overseas Travelers

On Sunday 16th, 2018, LG Uplus, the cellular carrier owned by LG Corporation, Korea's fourth-largest conglomerate and parent company of LG Electronics announced its...

C3C: The Solution For Today’s Publishing Industry

The relationship between advertisers and their intended targets has been frustrated by a growing sense of unease among the browsing public. Their user experience...

Crypto Is Changing Advertising As We Know It

"Advertising is one of the first industries that will be disrupted by blockchain technology" - Marvin Liao, Partner, 500 Startups. Advertising and marketing are areas that...

Blockchain Disrupts Kenya’s Informal Economy

Kenya is one African country that direly needs financial reform. However, to introduce such sea changes, the country first needs to embrace new technologies. And...

Moldova To Help End Child Trafficking Via Blockchain Technology

Moldova has finally begun the development of a blockchain solution for the major problem of human trafficking that has plagued this country for decades. Blockchain...
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