VDS Brings Back Anonymity With A New Private Blockchain Network


V-Dimension is the team behind the creation of this new private blockchain network. It integrates blockchain-based solutions guaranteeing identity security and networking freedom. VDS represents a decentralized ecology that combines the advantages of blockchain, social networking, and information technology in a way which allows the liberated, frictionless circulation of all users’ assets within the ecology. Internet privacy should remain private, and with VDS network, this goal is achievable. VDS represents a completely decentralized financial network, a truly disruptive business practice, and a re-shaping of the Internet. VDS is launching its own cryptocurrency, Vollar, which aims to become the basic unit of circulation within the VDS Ecosystem, as well as its only commercial and financial medium of exchange.

If you wish to know more about the project, make sure you visit their website using a TOR browser:

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Vollar official website: vdsvvvxxmxpssszd.onion
Vollar Whitepaper:https://file.globalupload.io/t6Uvc5wPIE.pdf
Vollar Reward Address: Vcc99gYxgsihScJUBWbE48zygMQyuudVHLJ

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