HydroMiner ICO Reached Soft Cap In 30 Minutes

What a day for HydroMiner! The H2O ICO reached the soft cap (1,500 ETH) in 30 minutes, 6 minutes shorter than during the pre-sale on September 25. We were aware of the high demand for the H2O tokens resulted by the pre-sale and were quite impressed with the intensity of the ICO start yesterday. At the moment of writing over 500K of H2O tokens are sold and over 4K in ether (ETH) is raised. With every H2O tokens purchase during the first week since the ICO opening the token sale participants will receive a 20% of bonus H2O tokens. The bonus will also be active in case you decide to renew your contract in the future.

What do H2O tokens represent?

Our H2O tokens are ERC20 Ethereum tokens each representing the mining time and power in kWh at the exchange rate of 1 H2O = 5 kWh. The tokens were sold in exchange for ether, 1 ETH = 100 H2O. Having participated in the pre-ICO and the ICO, the token holders will be able to use the same bonus every 2 years by renewing their mining contracts. The mining contracts will be activated starting from February 2018 and any time after,  for as long as HydroMiner is in business. What’s more, the investors will receive the daily payouts from the amount of the tokens they share added to the profits from mining itself.

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This token model is an extremely attractive replacement of the profit-sharing model that’s extensively regulated in most of the countries including Austria. As an officially incorporated GmBH, the equivalent of a Limited Liability Company in Austria, we have to comply with lots of laws and regulations both in Austria and in the EU. Many of these rules are associated with the dividends or securities that the digital assets like cryptocurrency represent according to the government.  

How to use tokens

The H2O tokens can be used in two ways: either as mining contracts or something similar to savings that bring the token holders daily payouts. Mining contracts last for 24 months and can be activated any time from February 2018. These contracts allow the investors to choose the tokens to mine. You may want to utilize half of your tokens for mining, and just keep the other half in order to receive the payouts. This may be reasonable due to the limited 25M (500K of which are sold already) supply of the tokens, and consequently the limited number of contracts. In fact, your tokens allow you to participate in the power-sharing of HydroMiner and its facilities, which will increase in number as the company and its profits grow. The pre-ICO and ICO are only the necessary preliminaries to the company’s further expansion.   

Hash-power VS kWh

Our years of experience in the crypto mining business has taught us a very important lesson, namely, that the profitability of mining heavily depends on the access to cheap energy. This isn’t what the majority of the cryptocurrency mining companies would tell you. In most cases, the mining contracts are bound to hash-power that increases together with the mining difficulty, so in fact, it becomes less and less profitable with the time. The time and power, which the kWh represent, on the contrary, are aimed at mining the most profitable coin at the time and use your contract’s value in the most beneficial way for you. In this way, a portion of the farm’s mining output is shared with the investors. That’s why the kWh-value of the H2O tokens remains profitable much longer than the return from a contract backed by hash-power. The best way to illustrate this is by checking out our ROI calculator that will help you to count a number of profits that you’ll be able to receive the H2O tokens!

Token-sale proceeds

In 2018 (from January 1) we will set out the continuous sale of the tokens, so that will be your next chance to buy them and take advantage of all the lucrative benefits that they bring. 

In February 2018 H2O tokens holders will be able to choose between several types of mining contracts based on their length. Investors will also be able to choose one or a selection of coins to mine (e.g. BTC, ETH, ZEC).


On behalf of the entire HydroMiner team, we would like to thank all of you for participating in the ICO and your interest in what we’re doing. Don’t waste your time if you haven’t bought into the ICO yet, as the tokens are running out fast. Within the first 24 hours since the start of the tokens sale, 20% of the total supply was gone!

Special thanks go to Andreas from BTC Business Consult who visited our farm personally and made a very thorough and informative video about HydroMiner and the updates to the token model.


The HydroMiner team is extremely determined to bring the possibilities of the profitable mining to the general audience. We are doing and will continue doing our best to make your crypto mining smooth and hassle-free. We are continuously updating our mining equipment and are opening more mining farms in various locations in Austria in the shortest possible time following the pre-planned roadmap closely.

We now have a new member of the team based in South East Asia who is responsible for the GPU supply making sure that we don’t run out of the new graphics cards when they are needed. The next round of tokens comes up once the power stations are up and running, and we will keep you up-to-date with that. Want to come and see the mining farms yourself? You are also most welcome to contacts us and arrange a visit to our facilities!

Learn more about the H2O ICO on our official token sale page at https://www.hydrominer.org/token-sale/ You are now entitled to a 20% bonus on tops of your purchased tokens for taking part in the ICO during the first week. In the next 3 weeks, the bonus will diminish.

Scam warning

Unfortunately, the opportunities offered by ICOs attract lots of scammers, therefore we encourage you to stay vigilant and avoid opening any links that you may receive via social media or email from the unknown senders. Avoid visiting fake ICO sites, e.g.  http://hydro-miner.org/.

 Note that HydroMiner will never ask you to send any funds in a private message.

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