Tag: Kyber Network

Kyber Network Unveils Dynamic Market Maker

The DEX protocol Kyber Network has released a Beta version of their Dynamic Market Maker, which was planned with the protocol upgrade to version...

KNC Holders Approve Token Migration Plan For Kyber Network

Kyber DAO's improvement proposal KIC-6 has passed governance voting. The proposal plans to migrate the KNC token to a more powerful token contract with...

Hyperchain Founder Proposes New Token Model For Kyber Network

With the upgrade to version 3.0, Kyber Network seeks to adopt a new token model, making a token migration necessary. One of the most...

Kyber Network Launches Version 3.0

Kyber Network has launched Version 3.0 of their on-chain liquidity protocol. The upgrade will make architectural changes to the protocol in order to...
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